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hit counter Howdy y'all, this is 17 years old Emma from Planet Loneliness --- What fills my time is being fan of too many things and doing many useless things. This is a blog mainly about *HABS <3* *boys* *GRUNGE* *weird things* Montreal, Canada, Cz Rep! Go Gally, Pleky, Chucky, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Johnny Depp, Cinema student :D This is sort of my own lil' museum, I post shit that I like/find pretty/approve of/ etc. Flag Counter

Dip the paintbrush in colors that match the mood of your soul and paint me a picture of your life

- Quinn DoBling (via kushandwizdom)
me: no one likes me
someone: I like you
me: thanks
me: no one likes me

Who can live without some black clothes.

- Karl Lagerfeld (via mode-chanel)

(via everywavedragsmetosea)