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hit counter K. to be honest I tried 50 different kinds of greetings and got really annoyed. So basically screw the hello, sorry for the non politeness. So basically this is a MONTREAL CANADIENS/*a bit of everything hockey you know cuz that's kind of my passion* blog AT THE SAME TIME as being a kind of more GRUNGE BLOG. If you can't deal with my mix, don't follow me. I love my grunge and habs, sooooo, yeha, Emma here, from Montreal Canada, French and English speaking cuz hell yeah. Hum, czech origins, studying cinema, voila, that's me. Bye I guess. Flag Counter


do you ever wonder how many tourist photos you’re in the background of

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friendly reminder that the reason peter quill never opened the gift from his mother and carried it with him all those years was because when she gave it to him she told him not to open it until after she was gone and he could not bring himself to open it because that would mean admitting that she was really dead

you shut your mouth

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does anyone have like ten thousand dollars they don’t want

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People: You're so quiet, you never talk.
Me: Oh I talk, just not to you.


*turns into a tree to avoid responsibilities*

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